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Philosophy in Norway since 1936. Ruch Filozoficzny, nr 3, 143-181, 1982/83. Gullvåg, Ingemund.

TREŚĆ. I. Introduction. II. Arne Naess and the Oslo School. A. Naess's Early Philosophy of Science. B. Empirical Semantics. C. The Oslo School. D. Peter Wessell Zapffe. III. Transition: 1953-1959. A. Introduction. B. Naess's Reorientation in Epistemology: Philosophy of Science and Metaphilosophy. From Empiricism to Possibilism. C. Understanding and Concept-Worlds. D. Naess's Systematic Pluralism. IV. Scepticism and Pragmatics: 1960-1968. A. Conceptual Frameworks and Paradigms of Rationality. B. Naess on Radical Scepticism. C. Scepticism vs. Transcendental Pragmatics. V. Anti-Positivism, Transcendental Questions and Critical Philosophy 1959-1970. A. Introduction. B. Skjervheim on Objectivism and Subjectivism. C. Anti-Positivism. D. Transcendental Tendencies, Critical Theory and Marxism. E. Historical Studies. VI. Recent Tendencies. A. Introduction. B. Theory of Science. C. Pragmatics and Transcendental Arguments. D. Formal Pragmatics. * References.