Charlie Dunbar Broad (1887-1971)

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Perception, Physics, and Reality. 1914.


'The Relation between Induction and Probability (I)'. 1918.

'Is there "Knowledge by Acquaintance"?' 1919.

'The Relation between Induction and Probability (II)'. 1920.

'Time'. 1921.

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Scientific Thought. 1923.

'Critical and Speculative Philosophy'. 1924.

The Mind and Its Place in Nature. 1925.

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Five Types of Ethical Theory. 1930.

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An Examination of McTaggart's Philosophy. Vol. I. 1933.

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An Examination of McTaggart's Philosophy. Vol. II. 1938.

'Arguments for The Existence of God'. 1939.

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'Some Reflections on Moral Sense Theories in Ethics'. 1945.

'Some Methods of Speculative Philosophy'. 1947.

'Professor Marc-Wogaus Theorie der Sinnesdata'. 1947.

'The Relevance of Psychical Research to Philosophy'. 1949.

'Some Elementary Reflexions on Sense-Perception'. 1952.

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Religion, Philosophy and Psychical Research. 1953.

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'A Reply to My Critics'. 1959.

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